Where isaac_moveit?

Where can I find out how to get (download) Isaac sim ros?

Hi @yushi.jack ,
You can follow Isaac SIM installation instructions here: 2. Basic Isaac Sim Installation — Omniverse Robotics documentation
You should download the Omniverse Launcher and install it directly from there.

The ROS1/2 bridge is included in the Isaac SIM release so you don’t need to download/install it separately

Thank you for your reply.
My explanation was insufficient.

I was able to install isaac Sim(2021.2) and ROS melodic(+move it), but
I can’t find the file ex: franka_isaac_execution.launch
Where is it? or How can I get it?

A list of sample ROS packages created for Omniverse Isaac Sim:

  • isaac_tutorials : Contains launch files, rviz config files, and scripts for the tutorial series.
  • isaac_ros_messages : A custom set of messages for 2d/3d bounding boxes and pose service messages.
  • carter_2dnav : Contains the required launch file and ROS navigation parameters for the NVIDIA Carter robot.
  • carter_description : Description of the NVIDIA Carter robot model.
  • isaac_moveit : Contains the required launch and config files for running ROS MoveIt.

@yushi.jack after starting the App selector from the launcher:
click on Open In File Browser or Open in Terminal and you will see a ros_workspace folder there

I got it! Thanks!

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