Px2 auto chauffeur flashing fails

Dear All,

I’m having trouble to flash my PX2 auto chauffeur with either Drive OS 10 or Drive OS 5.2.6 (any of these version would be okay for me). On the PX2 I have a system installed around 2018. Anyhow the SDK manager can detect my board and automatically select it.
The host system is an Ubuntu 18.04.1 x64.

When I start the process after the download I’m getting an error of:
11:53:07 ERROR: OSS Packages - target_image: : Unable to locate package linux-libc-dev:i386

I’ve check this forum for similar topic and I’ve found one reporting the same issue:

The way how the issue has been solved within this forum thread does not work for me unfortunately.

What should I do differently to be able to flash it?

Thank you in advance.

px2-fail-log (10.0 KB)

Dear @marton.csutoras,
Could you please confirm if your target is DRIVE PX2 or DRIVE AGX platform?
If it is DRIVE PX2, the last release is DRIVE OS sdk and DRIVE SW 10.0 or DRIVE SW 5.2.6 can not be installed

It is DRIVE PX2. I’ve double checked the detected hardware and I think the SDK manager detecting my DRIVE PX2 as a DRIVE AGX.
When I select DRIVE PX2 as target hardware it does not offer any version of the software to install.
Do I need to downgrade my host system to 16.04 or SDK manager to be able to install DRIVE OS

Dear @marton.csutoras,
May I know what is the DW version on target?
Please check /use/local/ folder. If it is driveworks1.2, you already have the latest version.

Incase, you want to reflash the target, you need to use ubuntu 16.04 host machine

Dear @marton.csutoras,
Could you provide any update?

Hi, thank you for the help! After installing 16.04 I was able to flash the PX2 without any problem.

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