PX2 GMSL Camera PDK Document


I’ve set up 4 LI-AR0231-GSML cameras in group A on PX-2 and it works fine. We need more camera control such as exposure/focus. I saw there are some comments about i2cget/ic2set utility from PDK,
To check the pre-emphasis setting on the camera’s serializer for GMSL group A:
i2cget -f -y 7 0x40 0x6

I couldn’t find any PDK document. Could you help?

Also is it possible to set up a trigger with four cameras? If there is any camera can support trigger on PX-2, we’d like to buy one.



Could anyone help to answer the question? Thanks and have a good day,


Dear Steve,

Please see below link. Thanks.

thanks, SteveNV. Let’s close this thread and use the other one for future discussion.