Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI and CUDA... problem with simpleTexture project, CUDA

Hey all,

I’m just getting started with CUDA SDK (like minutes ago) and am having difficulty running the “simpleTexture” project that’s included. I have a Quadro FX 3450 card, and it mentions in the CUDA_SDK_release_notes_win32.txt file that:

…The release and debug configurations require a GeForce 8800 Series GPU
(or equivalent Quadro GPU) to run properly.
- The emurelease and emudebug configurations run in device emulation mode,
and therefore do not require a GeForce 8800 Series GPU to run properly…

I can run the EMU versions, but not the standard DEBUG and RELEASE. The question is, shouldn’t I be able to use the standard versions? For this particular project, it reads in a pgm image file and outputs it again. When I use the standard RELEASE, the image that it writes out is completely black; however, it works properly (outputs the image again) if I use EMURELEASE. If anyone can tell me if this is most likely a software issue or if it a result of my particular graphics card, it’d be appreciated.

  • CUDA-newbie

This is expected behavior. CUDA requires a graphics card with a G80 GPU. Your FX3450 is a much older NV42 GPU. You can only run emulated binaries.