Quadro P1000, HP ZBook Studio G5, issue with Microsoft Excel

Issue with Excel on HP ZBook Studio G5 with 4k display and Quadro P1000 discrete graphics, when scrolling, Excel window becomes grey and unusable. HP indicates it is not a hardware issue. Have installed latest drivers and updates, even completely re-imaged computer with fresh Windows 10 installation, all of the latest drivers, and complete re-installation of Office 365. Issue persists. CDW Support has not been helpful, sent me Microsoft support links for things already tried. Issue goes away if resolution lowered from 4k to 1080p but then display is blurry and can’t be used for more than a few minutes. Issue goes away if Windows scaling changed to 100% (from 250% recommended) but then everything on the 15" 4K display is too small to see. Walked through several attempted workarounds with Microsoft support as well including updating drivers, rolling back drivers, setting dpiaware to false and setting DPI compatibility settings to application.

Computer specs: i7-8750H, 16gb of RAM, Windows 10 Pro x64, Quadro P1000 (current driver version 399.42, have also tried 418.81, same issue).

Appears to be an issue with scaling/DPI awareness at 4K resolution, lower resolution resolves the scrolling issue but creates other issues with blurry screen, etc.

Microsoft Support recommended creating this post in the NVidia Developer’s forum to see if anyone else has encountered this issue.

This issue appears to only occur with this HP ZBook Studio G5/Quadro P1000 and 4K built-in display combination. We have other laptops with 4K displays that do not have this behavior in Microsoft Excel with the same resolution/scaling settings.


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This might be an Intel display driver issue, but check with them to make sure.

Ryan Park