Query about getting 1 frame raw data

The raw format data outputted by sample_camera_gmsl_raw contains multiple frames information as one file.
On the other hand, I would like to output raw data as 1 file for each frame.

After checking sample code and API reference, I guess that I can get frame data from dwImageObject pointed from dwImageHandle_t.
But I can’t find member definition of dwImageObject.
Could you please provide the definition and the method how to get raw data from it?

And, if you have other solution for output raw data as 1 file for each frame, tell me the methodology or solution.

**** platform information ****
DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
DRIVE Software 10
Ubuntu 18.04

Hi @Takamitsu.Kano,

Please take a look at Image module doc (Modules->DRIVE Core->Image Processing->Image). There is “Image Types” section for your question. Thanks!

Dear @Takamitsu.Kano,
Adding to @VickNV suggestions,
how to get raw data from it?

In the sample, inside onRender() function, rawImageCUDA varaible holds raw data. You may copy data to CPU from rawImageCUDA structure for verification. Please check /usr/local/driveworks/doc/nvsdk_html/group__image__group.html#structdwImageCUDA.

Dear @Takamitsu.Kano,
Could you give any update here on the issue?