Raw GMSL image format

I’m working with a PX2 attached to a number of AR0231 RCCB GMSL cameras, and we need to be able to pull RGB images from logged data into python (for ease of manipulation).

Currently it’s quite easy to log what we need with Driveworks recorder application, however we then need to pull images from the .raw binary log files. I want to do this directly in python: wrapping driveworks with pybind or similar is possible, but this isn’t a good solution. I’d also prefer not to write my own logging tool to get around this. Doing this is easy enough with H264 logs, but we’ve found these to have too many compression artifacts hence logging raw data.

I can’t find what format the images are stored in, and there doesn’t seem to be any documentation from Nvidia, Sekonix, or ON Semi regarding the raw pixel data or AR0231 RCCB sensors.

Is this documented anywhere?

I’ve worked out some of the details by trial and error, but I’d prefer to base this on something better to base this on. E.g.,

  • Binary file, no apparent header/metadata
  • 16 bit uint16, big endian?
  • Pixel data is RCCB format - how is this demosaiced (particularly the clear channel)? Is there any colour correction which should be done by default?
  • Each image has ~25 empty rows of pixels preceding it.


Dear jeff7whig,

I think below links art not good answer for your topic but get some hints from the links. Thanks.