Question on using surface gripper by Ros in Isaac Sim

Hello, recently I’m working on a project, which will use a suction cup.

I have read through the document of surface gripper. However, I still don’t know how to controll it by Ros.

In the Create/Isaac/Ros, there is an option of surface gripper. And I’m confused about how to set it up correctly. So that I can toggle the gripper by Ros.

Please help me out, thanks.

After some attempts, I still can’t use the surface gripper in Isaac sim by ros. I found out that if I check the “/gripper_state” topic in Rviz, its error says that “Recieveing different joint name and effort”. So I believe the more specific problem might be "how to write a proper joint in urdf to apply the ROS_surface_gripper on it. "