RAW16 Stereo sensor LibArgus

I’d like to use 2 sensors in one CaptureSession, so they share the same AutoExposure values. This is working with using PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_888 format. But changing to PIXEL_FMT_RAW16 I cannot get frames from Argus Stream whenever there are more than one camera added to the capture session.

I found this github page, which had the same problem.

At the time of writing this, Libargus only supports the PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_888 and selectively supports PIXEL_FMT_RAW16 for certain configurations (Multiple camera capture sessions are NOT supported for now).

Do you plan on supporting this? Is there an easy patch I could implement, that fixes this? It is a much-needed feature for our company. Do you see any workarounds?

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Don’t have plan for it now.


Too bad, we have to implement our own AutoExposure algorithm then.

Thanks for the clarification, anyway! :)

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