Reading more than one Mipi packet at a time

Hi Everyone,
I am working on Xavier NX board for receiving Mipi data from custom sensor.
I have successfully implemented a driver for receiving data for following specification.
Lane config : 3 * 4
Packet width : 32K
Packet Height : 1
Data Rate : 900Mbps
I can able to read each packet using V4l2 API once packet is received.
Is there any way to read more than one packet at a time. example once 20 frames(packet = 32k * 1) received,
Is there any way to customize the driver to notify that 20 frames received and read 20 frames as one packet from API.

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Not clear of your question. But current camera driver are design as streaming mode, that tell when you start capture it won’t stop until stream off command from user space.

Hi Shane,
When am dequeuing Mipi data using V4l2 API, I can able read one frame/packet(example 32k * 1) at a time. But is any way to dequeue more than one packet/frame at a time. It means, Is any possibility to achieve this by writing a custom driver.

Albin Raj R J

As my early comment when you start capture it will continuous capture data from MIPI bus, if your device continuous stream and APP not stop capture it will continuous capture frame.