Recovered loop login issue

hi there,
after using to restore TX2 image, i cannot login GUI with account nvidia/nvidia, and have to login in terminal. May i know how to fix the issue?
even i can get GUI from terminal by startx, the GUI is always aligned to left top, and cannot move windows.

any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Can you see if this shows “ok” for all entries:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

Also, from the login which you do have, does “sudo” work? Test:

sudo ls

thanks for response.

as i enter terminal mode, and input “shalsum”, but “shalsum” is not recognized as linux command

output of “sudo ls”: Desktop Documents Downloads examples.desktop Music Picturs Public tegraststs Templates
Videos weston.ini

That’s a numeric number one, not lower case ‘L’. The success of sudo is good though, it means you can continue checking other issues.