Redraw issue when upgrading drivers from 319.76


My application is running with:

  • RedHat based OS 2.6.32-431
  • xorg 1.13.0
  • Nvidia quadro K620
  • Nvidia driver 340.58

There is an issue when moving a canva window on the top of another one, the top window frame is staying on the bottom one as it moves. When the bottom one is refresh (by panning or zooming the view), the glitch disapears…

We previously had Nvidia quadro K600 with Nvidia driver 319.76 and this issue was not present.
But we can’t revert to drivers 319.76 as the K620 is not supported…

Any idea?

I’ve tried disable composite, changing PowerMizer to max, latest driver version (367.44),…


Please attach nvidia bug report. What application you are running? Can you share video recording of issue you are observing?

It is a company made application in Java/OpenGl


I can’t find how to attach the bug report on the post…