Regarding the RSVD pin on TX1/TX2 module

Hi there,

I need to know about these marked as “RSVD” pin in TX1/TX2 module–are these pins are not used and not connected to any ICs/circuits inside TX1/TX2 module?

I am asking such a question is because we may need design a carrier board that can host neither Tx1/Tx2 or other chipset–i.e. a common carrier board that using the same physical interface, so need to understand if there are some “un-used pins” can be used for the compatible desig, that provides a little more flexibility.

Thanks a lot

Please check Table 4. Jetson TX2 Connector (8x50) Pin Out Matrix in OEM DG. Those RSVD pins can not be used. Some are connected to chipset, some are not.

@Trumany thanks a lot for the quick feedback.

Anyway is that possible to give a few RSVD pins which are not connected to any inside IC/circuit? so we can borrow them for some flexibility design.

You can use these pins: A5, B5, B48, B49, C5, C50, D1, D2, D3, D4, D50

@Trumany That is so helpful. Great thanks!

But just for safe, allow me to have a double confirm to avoid any misunderstanding.

A5, B5, B48, B49, C5, C50, D1, D2, D3, D4, D50, these pins we can use for other purpose on both Tx1/Tx2 carrier board,for exp, even connected to GND or a power rail, without any impact to module?

Off course by doing these I give up the future extend possibility for TX3;-)

Yes, they are unconnected to anything on both TX1 and TX2.