about the Jetson Tx1 module 's GPIO

Now we are use the Tx1 module to design the new product,but there are some RSVD pins when I read the document.Then I don’t use these pins. But When I see the schematics, these RSVD pins were used to all kinds of usages. So the problem is coming.
1、Whether I can use the RSVD Pins?
2、If I can use,is there difference between these RSVD pins? And How to config these RSVD pins?
Thanks for answering my questions.

No, they can not be used. These RSVD pins are for future possible usage and can not be used on current board.

OK, And I the module has many GPIO for GPIO0 to GPIO20, but on the carrier board,they are be configerd to Input or Output function, So May I reconfig these GPIOS ? For example, I want to Change the GPIO function from Input to Output.

Anything named GPIO can change in most any way needed (just be sure it isn’t already used by something else). The Technical Reference Manual (TRM) has a lot of information on GPIO. Go here and check TX1, then search for “technical reference manual”:

Or, this URL is specifically just the TRM:

Some of GPIO is exposed via the “/sys” files. People often ask about mapping of naming in “/sys” to TRM; see kernel file “arch/arm/mach-tegra/gpio-names.h”. Typically “echo NumberForSpecificGPIO > /sys/class/gpio/export” enables a GPIO; or echo the same to “/sys/class/gpio/unexport” for the reverse. If you want to see information about current GPIO: “cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio”. To see what is currently exposed to “/sys” you might browse files shown via “sudo find /sys -name ‘gpio’”.