Removing Nvidia System Monitor

Hi everyone,

I downloaded Omniverse yesterday but after I did my rendered mode viewport stopped working in Blender. I tried to remove everything but I cannot find how to remove system monitor??? I can’t even stop it from starting upon booting my computer.

Does anyone have an answer for this? System monitor may not be the issue but I am trying all my options.

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Greg -
Sorry you are having issues with Blender.

You can temporarily stop the Omniverse system monitor by right clinking on its icon in icon tray. Then selecting “exit”

This will stop the system monitor, but a reboot will start it up again

To remove system monitor permanently:

  1. If you installed Nucleus, go to “Collaboration” and click on the stack icon to the right of “Local Nucleus Services” and select Uninstall.
  2. In the Launcher go to “Library”, click on “Cache” in File Management and perform the uninstall

You can always reinstall both cache and Nucleus at a later time. Cache first, then Nucleus

I will give that a try. I am going to reinstall Omniverse I just want to know if that is the issue. I also have 2 gpus in so if the system monitor is not the issue I will test that after.

Thank you very much!

There seems to be an issue with a port number clash between Blender rendering service <> Omniverse System Monitor. At the moment there is no way to change the port number used by system monitor.
This issue has been raised.

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We will make a Port Configuration Tool,