Reshade in Omniverse Create?

Hi all!
II’ve been looking at the Post Processing functions in Omniverse Create, and I saw the Reshade tab:

I have the Reshade effects list downloaded, but I don’t know how to activate it in Omniverse Create.

Recently, I saw your video “Overview of NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima”, and at 2:21 it shows the Reshade window with the shaders.

It appears that the extension that activates it is called “omni.kit.reshade_menu” but it cannot be found in Omniverse Create.

Is there a way to activate it in Omniverse Create?
Thank you very much for your reply! : D

Hi! Are you able to find Reshade while searching in Window->Extensions list?

I mean, legit way to use Reshade extension from the Machinima is simply by using Machinima. =) However, if you really want to use it with Create build, you probably might just copy it over from Machinima installation. I.E. you can copy it from somewhere like “C:\OVData[your machinima app directory]\exts\omni.kit.reshade_menu” to somewhere like "С:\OVData\create-2021.1.1-rc.1_build\kit_release \ _exts" - then it will appear in Create’s extension browser and you will be able to use it.
Please note that we have special presets that come with this extension - if you want to use something you got from the Internets, it’s up to you to tweak it so you could use it.

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@kkantiev A followup question on Reshade…

On the one hand, there are lots of extension documented here, among them Reshade:

But do I understand it correct that some are meant to be bundled in certain packages, eg Reshade for Machinima (only)?

By looking into the exts folder of Machinima and Marbles, I found lots of extension folders.

Does it mean they all work if copied into the Create exts-folder?

Why aren’t they available inside Create from the beginning, or at least someplace centralized, instead of having to copy them from other apps?

Hey HaiderOfSweden,
Some extensions were just developed for particular usecases that particular Kit-based app was built for, since there are several Kit-based apps (Create, Machinima, View, etc) for different tasks and workflows. And so those extensions are shipped with that app.
Not necessarily at all that such extension would refuse to work with another Kit-based app, but if you chose a complex one, you’re most probably on your own. On the other hand, Reshade menu extension is pretty simple and should work just fine in Create.
As for your last question, short answer would be Extensions Manager — Omniverse Extensions documentation <-this, i guess?