Paint extension v103.5.5 not loading in Create beta 2022.2.2

paint extension not loading into Omniverse create and the run test is popping out an error, and I have restarted the app several times!

Hi there, Thanks for your first forum post. We appreciate it. I checked this with our dev team and they are wondering if this is actually READY to paint and you just need to select the paint icon on the left side toolbar. Try that and see if it actually works as normal. If not let us know. Good luck.

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Here is a link to the docs as well. Note you have to have the mesh that you want to paint on selected and then select the paintbrush icon to get started.

ooh, Thank you! It worked, but I was misled by a tutorial I found ( Paint Tool — Omniverse Create documentation ),

which stated it has to be under the window tab!

Wonderful news! Glad we could help. Happy Painting !!

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