Create 2021.1.1 fails to launch when enabling the Create AR extension to autoload


Within Omniverse Create if the Create AR extension ( - version 2021.1.0) is enabled and configured to autoload then launched. The application will function only in this instance.

If you then terminate your Create AR/Create session and re-attempt to launch Create from the Omniverse Launcher you are presented with a “Startup Error” Screenshot attached.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Launch Omniverse Launcher (v1.1.2)
  2. Install Omniverse CREATE (v2021.1.1)
  3. Launch Create
  4. Select “Window > Extensions”
  5. In the resulting “Extensions” dialog clear the search field and enter XR
  6. Select CREATE XR and in the adjacent pane insert a check into the “AUTOLOAD” option then click Launch
  7. Create AR will launch.
  8. Once Create AR has started exit the application.
  9. Exit Omniverse Create
  10. Attempt to launch Omniverse Create - The “Startup Error” dialog is displayed (attached below) on acknowledging the message, the Create session will terminate and a crash log is generated (again attached below)

Startup Error

crash_2021-05-14_11-03-33_14300.txt (1.2 KB)

Further investigation:

I’ve noticed that the “autoLoadExts” attribute within the user.config.json file (/data/kit/Create/2021.1) gets populated with [ “” ]

If the entry is removed from the json file, Create will successfully launch.

Attached below is a WinMerge of the updated and original json file.

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Hi @rakesh.chauhan . Thank you for the post. We have an internal bug report for this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Your investigation helps alot. We will follow up when a fix has been integrated.