Omniverse create app not responding

Hello!I can’t use the Create 2022.3.3 app, when I open it, there will be no response, and the bottom right corner will be loaded to 6%, and it is the same problem in View and Code. Is there any way to solve it, thank you!
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OS: Windows, Version: 10.0 (21H2), Build: 19044
CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz
Driver Version: 528.49
Memory : 64G

kit_20230414_163452-Create.Next.log (958.3 KB) (158.3 KB)

Thanks for the logs. We will take a look. You are saying that this is doing it for Create, View and Code ? It normally hangs for a long time if you have recently updated your video drivers. It has to recompile.

Two things

  1. Try to quit all of your OV apps, launcher and go to task manger and quit all the omniverse tasks. Then with absolutely nothing is open for OV, go to c:/user/user/appdata/local/ov and delete the cache and data folder. This will hard reset your OV apps. One both folders are totally gone, restart the computer and move to 2)
  2. Make sure you have the latest video drivers
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Thanks so much Richard! The method you provided solves the problem, Create App takes seven minutes to compile when opening the project.

Great ! I am glad to hear it. It should only take a long time on the first opening. After that it should run fine.

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