RTC clock battery for the Orin dev kit

I have been working with some Orin dev kits and have been having issues with the real time clock. As long as I have set the clock and power has stayed on, it keeps time just fine. If I remove system power, the time is gone and I have to reset it again. For reference: I have done the following to the system:

The dev kit doesn’t seem to want to sync its time through the network. I can’t manually set the time with network time sync enabled so I have entered the following to turn off network time syncing:

timedatectl set-ntp 0

I can then set the time using:

timedatectl set-time “2022-07-15 11:05”

I have connected a battery to the RTC connector so that the date/ time should be preserved per the recommendation on this page:

Below is a picture of how the battery is connected. I found a pinout for the connector here:

The part number for the connector isn’t giving me anything when I google it. I’m going to guess that pin 1 is the one that has the small white dot by it on the circuit board. If that is correct then the polarity isn’t backwards.

What am I missing? This isn’t working on either of the two dev kits that I have tried so far. Is this just something that just doesn’t work on the dev kit? I’d love to hear from anyone who has either had luck getting the time to be persistent or who can confirm that this doesn’t work on their system either.

Yes, the battery is connected correctly. J13.1 with the small white dot is PMIC_BBATT, which is connected to RTC block of power sequencer on the module. And the power sequencer doesn’t have battery charging capability, the battery may be run out of power in your case.

Could you check battery connection on J13 and measure the voltage with DMM? Make sure it contacts well. Its working range is 1.85~5.5V. Or have a try with with a new one.

I have the same trouble.
PLZ, let me know the way to use RTC.

Any combinations of timedatectl-parameters, applying RTC time does not work as far.

For example, install a new backup batter(3V CR2023 refered in the link- https://rometechcases.com/collections/cmos-batteries) in J13 , deactivate ntp and set time($timedatectl set-time) and just reboot. But system time is initialized into 2022-Apr-21 13h(Utc), and RTC time 1970-01-01 00(h).

get, set hwclock are working well for /dev/rtc(symbolic linked with /dev/rtc1), and hctosys, systohc also.

Kapka2’s reply stirred me back into action. I just checked the battery. It is reading at 3.04V so appears to be good.


It seems a software bug and we are doing some internal check. Will update once we have a fix.


For now, please make /dev/rtc pointing to /dev/rtc0 instead of rtc1 to fix this issue.

When looking at the directory listing for /dev, I only have rct and rtc1. There is no rtc0.


Please share me the result of sudo i2cdump -y 0 0x50 from your Orin.

Please just attach it as screenshot because the format may be wrong if you paste as text.