RTX3070 notebook install driver fail on ubuntu 18.04.06

my notebook is lenovo y900Op, the CPU is i7-11800H
the GPU is RTX3070,
the system is ubuntu 18.04.06, the kernel version is :
ths GPU driver version is 470.86
I install the driver by command : sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-470

then the problem is my notebook can not be successfully boot, it give me black screen and show :
/dev/nvme1n1p3 : clean 191266/30533184 files, 4544277 / 122116688 blocks

The kernel is too old to support your intel igpu which drives the internal display. Please either upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 or install a recent kernel from ppa:

I must use ubuntu18.04.06 , because some soft need to run on it
when I run : sudo apt-get upgrage on system ubuntu18.04.06, the kernel is update to automatically.

I run the command : apt-cache search linux-image to show the kernel supported on ubuntu18.04.06 , the latest version is

add the ppa generix gave you and use apt to select and install a newer kernel.