Running a DHCP server on leaf switches configured with MLAG

Q: Can I set up a DHCP server on an NVIDIA Mellanox SN2100 switch running Cumulus Linux and configured with MLAG?

The server is configured with LACP, where port 1 of server is connected to switch1 and port 2 to switch 2. How can I set the DHCP server in such a way that if switch1 goes down and at that time the server rebooted switch should be able to handle the DHCP request and able to assign IP to the second port of server.

A: It is possible to do this but we do not document it currently. Essentially you create two active/active DHCP servers that communicate with each other to keep in sync so if one dies the other has a complete picture.

You can follow the guide here to see just how to do it → A Basic Guide to Configuring DHCP Failover - ISC DHCP