Running Omniverse nucleus docker compose in AWS

Has any one successfully run Nucleus docker compose in AWS ec2?

I can’t make it fully work. When I get to the web-api container the auth form stays in a spinning wheel.

targets groups are ok, firewall rules are ok, loadbalancer are ok. but port 3100 returns an unhealthy check.

@userfa - The above screens shot, is this from a system outside of AWS trying to make a connection to Linux Omniverse Nucleus (docker based)?

@mirice thanks for the follow up. It is from an allowed IP defined in the security groups, and nacl’s in AWS , yes. Im using the docker-compose on an ubuntu. routing is working though. when i start the web container interactively I can see it receives calls from the browser.

@userfa -
From the web browser that you are using to connect to nucleus,

  1. try and login, You show see the spinning icon
  2. start the del tools (ctrl+shift+I) in that spinning window
  3. cntr+R (to reload, should see spinning again and stuff in the dev side window)
  4. save the consol and networking tabs
  5. attach/send to me