Running x2goserver on jetson tk1

Hello, I’m trying to remote control my jetson tk1 with nomachine on windows and I can’t seem to find a way to install x2goserver on ubuntu.

I followed

and I keep getting unmet dependency errors for some reason… I’ve seen other users claim they were able to install this but I have been unable to find out how.

I see the same dependency issues for package x2goserver. Were the reports of successful install on ARMv7 CPU like Jetson? If there was success on a Jetson, which release was it installed on?

That I am not sure… :/

According to the official site there is an amrv7 version of x2goserver but I have yet to try it myself out of fear of breaking my distro.

It can be done however with nomachine

I’ve also found this

But I am too unsure of whether or not installing x2go server is safe for the jetson.

If you are unsure, just clone the root partition first (takes hours though). If it fails, restore via clone (takes minutes). See:

I don’t actually see much risk of this breaking the Jetson, although it may not work with the particular desktop.

EDIT: The video is definitely from a JTK1, but it does seem you’ll need to get around the repository not having the ARMv7…you may find that other binary release URL does the job, but I have not tried.

Tanks for the response! Also I’m planning on downloading nomachine armv7, but I’m not sure if I should use deb or tar.gz

If the deb package works, I’d go with that; otherwise, use the tar package.