Sdk manager shows "No sdks available for your account"


I found that many people had this problems, but haven’t got one working solution after searching the forums.

Could anyone offer a real solution? I’m using jetson tx2 develop kit, by the way. It’s frustrating to stuck at the very first step.

sdkm.log (157 KB)

From the log, seems to be a connection issue.

2019-08-14 16:18:20.723 - info: Loading data from server: l1url. Url:
2019-08-14 16:18:20.725 - info: logging sso server type to GA
2019-08-14 16:18:32.797 - error: sdkml1_repo.json download failed with error ETIMEDOUT, request url:

Can you test with your network to see if the following file can be downloaded?


Yes I can open and download this json file. Actually I already tried this when I saw other people’s posts about this problem. It doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

I’m having the exact same issue. Do you have a solution?

Hi Ben,

Can you please upload the sdkm.log file for more investigation?

Hi Edward,

I figured it out. I had to add ip for in /etc/hosts file.


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Hi Ben,

Cool. So it’s a DNS issue and you’ve fixed it.

I just want to note I had the same issue No sdks available for your account’ with a log error: sdkml1_repo.json download failed with error ETIMEDOUT, request url:’

change the naneserver in resolv.conf to and it logged in.

DNS issue on my corporate site with the https developer download site.

Please, how to add ip in /etc/hosts or what should be the ip?

Hi, EdwardZhou.
I also encountered this problem. how can i solve it?
sdkm.log (11.6 KB)

Based on @ben.hero and @tgoodreau’s comment, it sounds like their issue is the DNS problem.

Try to see if your host is able to ping, if your host does not recognize it, then it is probably the same issue.

I guess there is no need to explain how DNS works here. But if you don’t understand, just ask.

@EdwardZhou, please check the log from 772471980, his error is different from original post.

Hi, WayneWWW.
Could I trouble you to help me out?

Hi 772471980,

Are you able to download with a web browser?
Are you using any proxy in web browser?
Can you please let me know your location of your country?