Which sensors are supported with DriveWorks?
For a list of the supported sensors, see the DriveWorks Development Guide that comes with DriveWorks SW package to get the list of supported sensors.

Which Stereo sensors will be supported early next year?
The stereo module is independent of the cameras used. We are testing with the Leopard Imaging cameras, but any properly calibrated stereo rig, that provides 2 images (L/R) and the appropriate calibration information should work.

Which CAN-based sensors does DriveWorks support?
Because DriveWorks supports DBC files, most CAN-based sensors that support DBC are also supported. For specific information on supported CAN based sensors, see DriveWorks Development Guide.

Does DriveWorks support MDF Format in CAN module?
This format is used in professional recording/measurement tools.
Currently, there is no plan to support the MDF format. However, you can separately develop such support on DRIVE PX 2 and DriveWorks.

My GMSL cameras do not work with DriveWorks applications. What should I do?
The most common cause for this is that cameras are not getting power, which is done through the AURIX microcontroller. Please check your AURIX firmware versions and the AURIX IP addresses being programmed in the TACP interface(/etc/tacp/tacp.cfg). For additional information, see DriveWorks Development Guide.

My PointGrey USB3 cameras crashes with a segmentation fault. What should I do?
PointGrey USB cameras may require raising the amount of memory allocated to the USB subsystem. The usbcore variable usbfs_memory_mb should be set suitably large. For example:

# echo 1000 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb

Why doesn’t the image transfer start with my PointGrey camera?
On Point Grey cameras, image transfer does not start when the image size is bigger than 2 megabytes. For more information, see: