Setting different colors to each side of a plane

For a while, I tried unsuccessfully to place different colors on opposite sides of a plane. I’m trying to do that because I want to make a cloth with different colors on different sides.
I tried to do it in a Blender also, and import it into Isaac Sim, but failed.
Here’s a video of what I want to achieve on the cloth: link
Is such a thing possible? Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you as another OV user, i can’t say i’ve seen support for 2-sided material/shader yet. the best thing i can think of is using a really thin box (or give your cloth mesh some thickness) and using GeomSubset to assign different materials to front and back of the plane, which is something you can do in a DCC.

I’ve watched an omniverse live stream about how to apply april tag to a box recently, just like @Simplychenable said, they apply a very thin box to the original box and then put april tag on that thin box works


Just looked at this, and I am not sure how this could be achieved right now. It’s certainly not possible out of the box.

You might be able to solve it on the material shader level, but I am no expert there so can’t really advise.

The “Single Sided” functionality for meshes doesn’t seem to work with the RTX renderer, and this would be a pre-requisite to solve the problem via UsdGeomSubset. The simulation side is also limited, because there is no support to skin graphics meshes to a separate simulation mesh. You would need to build that yourself unfortunately.

Simon ,
In the meantime I did find a solution for this. You can create an MDL file with “thin wall” support and import it by Create → Material → Add MDL File into Composer, then assign the resulting material to your simple 2D cloth mesh.

Here two example MDL files:
twosided.mdl (481 Bytes)
diffuse_two_sided.mdl (1.8 KB)


@SimonPhysX sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the help, I just tried it and it’s working.

@Simplychenable, @Te77iiiii_Ho I didn’t have time to try your suggestions earlier, but thank you a lot.

Glad it’s working!


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