Sharing internet from MacOS host to Jetson Nano?

I am running the DLINANO image right after flashing (first boot) in headless mode.
The file “README-usb-dev-mode.txt” seems to suggest that I can share internet connection with the JN. So how do I share internet with the Jetson Nano so I can access internet without a wifi dongle og Ethernet cable?

This section of documentation doesn’t tell much to me.

Ethernet on Mac
An ECM USB Ethernet device is created, and the required driver is automatically
activated. Since the Mac operating system does not support the RNDIS device,
the device is not activated by default.

Changing the IPv4 Address
Edit /opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/ on Jetson to
change the IPv4 network parameters. The following variables must be changed,
and must maintain consistent values:
- net_ip
- net_mask
- net_net
- net_dhcp_start
- net_dhcp_end

I’ve tried the Internet Sharing setup on MacOS, it says “your internet connection cannot be shared because it is protected by 802.1x”. This is a security constraint of our Wifi network. Any chance then?

One clue so far: Reading through file /opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/
suggests that I should install horndis:

# Ethernet using the RNDIS protocol.
# Linux: Supported automatically.
# Windows: Supported automatically via OS descriptors.
# MacOS: Requires the HoRNDIS driver to be installed.
# CDC ACM serial port/UART.
# Linux: Supported automatically.
# Windows 10: Supported automatically.
# Windows other: Requires driver manual selection by use of l4t-serial.inf.
# Mac OS: Supported automatically.

I found the driver from

And could install with this command: brew cask install horndis

After that, I still don’t know how to activate the sharing