SketchUp Connector with 2021 support released

SketchUp Connector 101.1.419

This has been released and is available on the Launcher for all customers.

Key highlights:

Support for SketchUp 2021 – This update works with SketchUp 2021, 2020 as well as 2019. This support was accelerated due to customer queries on the forums.


New feature for saving as a Prop – Three publishing methods are available from the SketchUp Connector. The first is Send to View where the design in SketchUp is exported to Omniverse and then opened in View all with one click. The second is Publish to a Project, saving the design to a layer in a project which allows users to save multiple designs easily to the same project. The third is Export as Prop which is new. When you export as a prop, the design is saved as a separate USD file, not contained in a project. This provides for maximum flexibility for customers wanting to save out a variety of designs from SketchUp to re-use as assets in a library or even just simple one off designs.


Component Substitution – Various elements in SketchUp can be defined as Components. These could be trees that were imported from a pack of vegetation found on the 3D Warehouse or park benches or even cars. The SketchUp Connector detects these and allows these to be substituted with any USD. In the images below, the vegetation has been replaced with this mapping. The user has full control over what is mapped.



Thanks to Turbosquid for use of the SketchUp model.

Note: Export as Prop and Component Substitution released in January but no announcement was made at that time.