Some issues about connecting or attaching to games

Base information about my System

  • OS : Windows 10 Home Edition
  • Graphics : 1070 TI
  • Latest Nsight Graphics tool (ver. 2019.1)

I’ve tried several games on Nsight Graphics.
But from the most of games, I couldn’t get the result that I wanted to see.

Here are the summaries of my test results.

Diablo 3 : Failed to connect to game executable, directly.
Instead of game executable, it can be connected to launcher executable, but I couldn’t see any attachable process on attach tab.

Overwatch : Same with Diablo3.

Fortnite : Same with Diablo3.

Counter Strike Global offensive :
This is a kind of Steam Game, so I followed the guide on Nvidia user document.
I could connect to steam.exe, and then I could see the csgo process on attach tab.
After that, I could easily attach Nsight graphics to this game. But, there was nothing to see.
I mean Nsight graphics was not working, so it didn’t show any graphic information like FPS in spite of connected well.

Dota 2 : Same with Counter Strike Global offensive.

Shadowverse :
This is also a game on Steam, but this is freely distributed game on Steam.
Anyway, I followed the Nvidia guide, and then I could see the graphic analysis result, well.
I mean this game could be analyzed by using Nsight Graphics.

League of Legend :
I followed this guide,‘Launching a Native, Multi-Process Application’ in Nvidia document.
And then, I could see some processes on attach tab. After attaching to one process, I could see the graphics analysis results, well.

In brief, Nsight graphics could’t connect or attach to most of games that use the separate launcher executable, even though the launcher is steam.

Does Nvidia know this problem? or Am I doing something wrong?
Please, help me find the way to connect Nsight graphics to these games.

Thanks in advance for any help. :)


Sorry that you are running into these issues, but from looking at your description this is probably expected. Nsight Graphics uses dll injection to get profiling and rendering information from a process.

Cheats in games work exactly the same way, they inject into the process and then give the user information based on what they hook or even modify how the game works or what input is generated. To prevent this, developers block all process injection with anti-cheat engines. These anti-cheat engines block Nsight Graphics as well.

Nsight Graphics is a developer tool, so the developer can easily turn off these protections when they would like to profile the game, but as a non-developer, it will be very difficult.

Hope this helps explain why you are seeing what you are seeing!

Out of curiosity, what problem are you trying to solve? Maybe I can recommend a different solution.