Some problems about the rope simulation

I refer to the suggestions in this discussion:What is the correct way to build a simulated rope?

But there are some new problems. I created the rope and it looks good. Next, I want to use the robotic arm to grasp the rope. Since I needed to keep the size of the rope small, in this case, it was difficult for the robot arm to grab the rope, so I added a cube at the very beginning of the rope for grasping.

The problem now is that the ropes I created using the Python code unravel during larger interactions, which makes the ropes look weird. For example, if I drag the cube with the mouse, a small drag will not have much negative impact, but when I drag it a lot, it will spread out. The result is shown in the figure below.

However, I used Isaac sim’s UI to repeatedly create a simple example where the rope’s structure was the same as the one created by the code, but it wouldn’t unravel no matter how hard I dragged it.

I would like to know what is causing this discrepancy and how should I fix it.
My code for creating the rope is here: (9.6 KB)

Thanks so much!

Hi @SP_Z - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to you.

@rthaker Thanks for the quick reply, I look forward to a proper solution!

Hi @SP_Z - Apologies for the delay in response. I hope you are not having this issue anymore but if you still have then this older post might be helpful to you What is the correct way to build a simulated rope?

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