SSH and ping of AGX with direct ethernet conncetion via RJ45 interfaces

Hello AGX experts,

we are trying to establish a direct ethernet connection between the host PC and the AGX through the 10GbE plug 1 or 2 on the rear view of the AGX (this should be the enp4s0 interface). Our intention is to avoid using the E3579 ethernet dongle to save an additional device the vehicle.
When using the dongle, we can connect to the AGX without any problems, using the eth0 IP address. When we try to directly plug into the RJ45 ethernet ports on the rear side of the AGX, the platform is not responding to any ping.

Is there there a way to establish a direct connection between host and AGX using the RJ45 interfaces? And if so, how has it to be done?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards.

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