ssh option?

I am stuck in this error while I am installing JetPack for TX1 on Linux Host.
JetPack installer in Linux host try to login to the TX1 device using ssh.
And the error message is :

Return Code: 1
Error: Cannot connect to device with given information. Please check your input and try again.

Detailed info:
sshpass: invalid option – ‘o’
Usage: sshpass [-f|-d|-p|-e] [-hV] command parameters
-f filename Take password to use from file
-d number Use number as file descriptor for getting password
-p password Provide password as argument (security unwise)
-e Password is passed as env-var “SSHPASS”
With no parameters - password will be taken from stdin

-h Show help (this screen)
-V Print version information
At most one of -f, -d, -p or -e should be used

On Linux host terminal, I can login to the device using ssh.
I guess JetPack installer uses different ssh options.
If anyone know the ssh options that Jetpack uses, please let me know.

According to the error message, looks like you didn’t provide password of target in the “Device Information” dialog box. Please fill in all the three fields, i.e., ip address/username/password, to perform target installation.