Static/Dynamic friction values for PhysicsMaterial

Hi, I would like to know whether the values that I am using for a material are realistic or I should change them.

cardboard_material = PhysicsMaterial(
            prim_path="/World/physics_material/cardboard_material",  # path to the material prim to create


Hi @alexam98 - these values can vary based on factors such as the condition of the cardboard (wet vs. dry), the surface it is interacting with, and the simulation environment.
If your simulation seems off, consider adjusting these values incrementally to see how the material behavior changes and find a balance that looks right for your use case.

Definition of each of these factors:

  1. dynamic_friction: This property dictates how much friction is present when two surfaces are sliding against each other.
  2. static_friction: This is the friction when the surfaces are not moving relative to each other, and it’s generally slightly higher than dynamic friction because it takes extra force to initiate movement.
  3. restitution: This is a measure of the ‘bounciness’ of a material or how much kinetic energy gets restored after a collision.

Thanks for your response!

Do you think that these values could be okay? I have also tried with high numbers (order of hundreds), but the values that I have found on internet are around 1.0. I was thinking whether the magnitude used is the same in Isaac and the sources I have found.