Steam VR Menu Hidden When Using CXR

Hi All,

We are having a problem where steamVR menu doesn’t appear when we try to open it in VR.

As you can see in the video, pressing the menu button on the Oculus controller just dim the screen and open a window, but you can’t really see the content of that menu window.

We have tried to change pretty much all the settings within steamVR to try and troubleshoot this, without success.

Would appreciate any help on this.

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We found a solution for this. Apparently, we had a virtual display activated through the cloud service provide. which caused the issue with the menu of SteamVR.

I hope someone will fins this useful one day.


Good catch.

The other variant we’ve seen something like this is on Optimus setups, where steam process that does the menu is running on the integrated chip rather than the NV chip. I believe there is a backlog item to look into whether we can influence this at all.