Stereoscopic with M2000M on ASUS VG248 QE on laptop

Hi guys,
I am referenced by NVIDIA support team.
I am trying to use wonderful stereoscopic technology, but I have problems to activate it.
I have a laptop with ASUS VG248QE connected, on which I want to use stereoscopic. It is connected via USB3 to DisplayPort cable. I have installed driver 461 .92 for DCH, what I was told by support team, but i did not get the option of 3d stereoscopic in the NVIDIA control panel as it is described in “Display Technologies - NVIDIA Developer Forums”.
Why do I get not this option?
I would share a screenshot, if anybody could tell me how:

Hi uwe,

A few things here:

  1. the 3DVision usb driver was removed from our driver. You can download and install the standalone package for Quadro GPUs here: NV3DVisionUSB Driver (

  2. Make sure the USB3 to DisplayPort is connected to the NVIDIA GPU. This is a question to your laptop OEM and how they have wired the ports.

  3. Quadro M2000M is an underpowered GPU for driving stereo displays. For stereoscopic images you are putting the GPU under double the rendering load.