Strange behavior when trying deformers for hair

I am getting strange behavior in Create/USD Composer when adding deformer body to hair. I am trying to follow Discord

Here is my stage immediately after loading the file.

I hit Play. The cube bounces and wobbles, but the hair falls through the ground. It does stop actually, but just below ground surface. Its like it is offset by some amount.

I hit stop. The hair does not return to its start position (the cube does).

I turn on the debug view for the deformable mesh. The hair jumps back to the top of the head.

I turn the debug view off, the hair jumps back to the hips.

I am trying to work out how to get the hair to attach to the top of the head to make the hair bounce around a bit. I have tried a few combinations of collisions, rigid body (the character body falls over!), and more. The video unfortunately rushed the bit about attaching the cape to the body (I know its a cloth instead, but was hoping the same thing would work for the deformable body).

I expect some problems as the hair almost certainly goes through the body at points, so it might just be giving up and ignoring the collision stuff. But even if I lift the character off the ground, the hair still falls through the floor (the cube does not). Well, to be more precise, it falls through the floor if the debug mode is off. If its on, it stops at floor level.

So putting the debug mode on seem to have zero offset, but when I turn it off, the hair offset is changed lower. Any ideas appreciated! I am trying to get a little bit of bounce and movement in the hair.

Oh, and if I add too many colliders and things Omniverse Create locks up completely and I have to kill the process.