Stream 6 cameras at the same time

Oh…Okay. I am working and CSI and USB cameras at once. I’ll update you about the status.

I have checked the CSI Cameras. Now I am able to run either 3 USB Cameras or 2 CSI cameras but not 5 at the same time. do you have any suggestions?

Did you open 5 console to run the v4l2-ctl command?

No, CSI cameras are showing green screen when I use v4l and it is working fine when I use gstreamer (nvarguscamerasrc). I combined altogether in a single program and executed it. I am not getting any error & I am only able to see CSI cams video but USB cam video are not opening.

I am confuse with it.
Can you just have your detail test instruction here.


I want to stream 6 Cameras at a time.
So, I have 2 CSI MIPI Cameras (IMX219).
2 USB Logitech Cameras
2 USB Zebronics Cameras.

I figured My Jetson is able to allow around 36Mbps bandwidth,
So, I changed the resolution for USB Cameras and Now 2 Logitech cameras bandwidth is 10 MBps and 1 Zebronics USB Cam bandwidth is 15 Mbps. I cannot use the 4 Zebronics. I think it has to do with drivers. Now I am planning to buy extra 2 Logitech USB cam and then it should be able to stream all 480.

Coming to CSI Cameras, I am able to stream 2 cameras alone at 3264x2464 resolution but When I stream all 5 cameras at once (3 USB & 2 CSI), CSI camera has lag but in 480P, all are running good.

I think, If I replace 2 zebronics camera with 2 other logitech cameras. I should be able to stream all 6 at a time. Problem is solved. What do you think? you have any doubts?

Thanks for the help though.

I have another doubt. Do you have any idea about streaming all together in a single frame? or sending into to a server and stream on the browser?

You may reference to rtsp like below topic.

Okay. I’ll Check. Thanks. Do we need to add any GUI?

No, it’s command line basis.

Do we really need to compromise the resolution if we add 4, 6, 8 cameras?
Because, In my case I am able to stream 5 cameras with the resolution of CSI cameras is 480P and USB cameras are 240P without any lags.

When I increase the resolution, there having some lags and late responses in all cameras. Is there anyway to solve it?

Need to clarify the pipeline of your case. Have the simple v4l2-ctl command line to check if any frame drop.
Do you use USB3.0?

Yes, I am using USB3.0. Not much concerned about USB camera because if we set the high resolution USB bandwidth will be increased. So, I will stick to the resolution which does run 4 cams.

But, CSI cameras have a capability to stream 4K resoultion. I am using Gstreamer pipeline for CSI camera.

So, only the USB camera have frame drop, right.
The possible solution is to use customize carrier board to support 6 CSI camera.

No, USB and CSI both.

But I am not concerned about the USB Camera resolution.
My concern is on CSI camera. It is capable of 4K streaming but It is streaming fast and without frame drop @480P only.

There is a slight frame drop in 720P though but it is not acceptable in realtime right? if we increase the resolution frame drop also increase.

For the CSI camera have you try to boost system performance to try.

sudo nvpmode -m 2
sudo jetson_clocks

Could you also check if the camera emulate as USB3.0 interface or not.

I think the camera which I have is USB 2.0 Interface. No mentioned about in Camera Specs.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.