Stream inference metadata

We are using Deepstream 6.0 on a jetson nano, and are looking to stream the inference data alongside the video over some streaming protocol (likely rtsp or webRTC).

Is it possible to include the bounding box inference results, confidence and the various other metadata stored within the NvDsBatchMeta struct directly in the stream (alongside the corresponding frame) - so that it can be directly accessed on the receiver side?

Can you elaborate your requirements?

The video payload in RTSP protocol does not support any other information except the video itself. RTP payload formats - Wikipedia

webRTC WebRTC is just a communication platform.

If you want to customize your own protocol, you can implement by yourself.

Apologies for the delay. We are using WebRTC now to stream our video feed using gstreamers webrtcbin. However we would also like to access the “NvDsBatchMeta” metadata and stream it through WebRTC’s data channel. Is this possible? If so, how can I access the metadata?