SwapBuffers (OpenGL) fails because of a D3D11 error: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED

I have an issue in my OpenGL application because of a Device Removed event !!! Let me explain:
Issue happens only with a Dell laptop 5510 with Quadro M1000M (driver updated to 369.26) [EDIT: another laptop with Quadro M2000M is also reproducing the same issue].

It happens several times at the beginning and then it works fine.
The issue is random:
The display is not rendering any more, and I know that every OpenGL command is ok, except that SwapBuffers seems to fail (but without any error).
Only GDI drawing still working.
When it fails, I have just to resize the 3D window and it works ok !
BUT, I don’t know when the error is occurring because no OpenGL error occurs.

I have tried different settings with TDR registries.
I have tried the application with CodeXL: no error, except this strange Debug string: “D3D11: Removing Device.” This string occurs every time the issue coming and after that, when I resize the application, I have DLL unloading/loading message with “nvwgf2umx.dll”.
After searching on the web, it looks to be a DirectX error happening in my Nvidia driver (strange!).

The issue does not occur with laptop with Quadro M2000M (Optimus is disabled) and not on any other Quadro we have.
I am sure that the application is working with Nvidia adapter and not the Intel one.
The issue is not there when working with the Intel GPU.

I even try to catch myself the DXGI error with a own DirectX device and the SwapChain created on the same HWND I used for Opengl context. It works (!) but I don’t catch the error myself, even when using GetDeviceRemovedReason.

I have listed gpu adapters during the issue but no difference.

I don’t know what to do to detect the error myself. It’s frustrating because after that, the fix is very simple (just a dummy resize event and it’s works again). I searched since several days!

Any help ? Could you fix something in your opengl driver?

After downloading BETA driver 372.54, the display issue is fixed.
(I tried old 354.99 but it was worst: crashes!).

@ Nvidia developers: do you have fixed something specifically for OpenGL or in library nvwgf2umx.dll ?
If yes, thanks a lot! (Please keep it for official release !)

So, I don’t have to catch the “device removed” error anymore but in the future?

Upgrade your hardware

“Dxgi_error_device_removed” usually occurs if your hardware does not meet the minimum specifications of the game or program you are running. Please check the minimum specifications of the game or program you’re using.
Reference on this website if you still encounter the issue