Tegra K1 and dual 4-lane CSI stereo cameras

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We have a requirement to use specific CSI 4-lane cameras in stereo vision mode.

Tegra K1 technical reference manual (TegraK1_TRM_DP06905001_public_v03_p.pdf) has a discrepancy whenever or not this can be done:

In section 26.1 (Functional description):

… These options include a single camera configuration with a 1 to 4 lane sensor connected to CSI-A or CSI-B or a dual camera configuration with a 1 to 4 lane sensor connected to CSI-A and a 1-lane sensor to CSI-B.

This reads as it is not possible to have two cameras in stereo mode both with 4-lane interfaces.

However, further in the document, in section 26.1.1 (Lane configurations), there is a bullet:

  • 2 x4 (Dual cameras for stereo with up to 4 lanes for each camera)
  • Which one is correct? Does anyone here have a working 2x4-lane camera configuration for stereo?

    And, sorry for a newbie question, does Nvidia engineering follow the forum here or would such questions have a better place somewhere else?

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    Please refer to the design guide file for CSI configurations
    DSI_B_CLK/D[3:0] can be config as 4 lane CSI interface
    For stereo camera, The left 4-lane CSI could be CSI_A_CLK, CSI_A_D[1:0], CSI_B_D[1:0], The right 4-lane CSI could be DSI_B_CLK, DSI_B_D[3:0].

    Excuse me what is left 4 lane and what is right 4 lane?

    Stereo vision…left and right eyes/cameras…CSI-4 for each camera (8 lanes total).