Tesla C1060 will not support Vista?

I had a question about Tesla C1060 which is slated to release in Fall 2008. The data sheet that the product page links to does not list Vista as one of the OS that the product will support. Here is the link to the data sheet - http://www.nvidia.com/docs/IO/43395/NV_DS_…INAL_LowRes.pdf

If that means C1060 will not support Vista, I have to rethink some strategies.
Could someone from nVidia please confirm this?

Any and all other information will be appreciated!


We are committed to supporting Vista on Tesla C1060, but it will take some time to get there. We are hoping to get it done before the end of this year, but there are several uncertainties right now.


Thanks for the reply Sumit. I hope you overcome the challenges. (so that I can use it :D)

Any word on the Tesla C1060 running on Vista 64?

Haven’t tried it, but support for Tesla C1060 is one of the features listed in CUDA 2.1 release notes. There’s a driver available for C1060 on Vista64, so I believe it works now.

It does work in Vista x64

support was added in 181.20 (the CUDA 2.1 driver). the problem is that the offscreen CUDA selector still isn’t good for Tesla (it allows you to select one card–well, what if you have two Teslas?) but there are improvements coming there at a later date.

Just tried the 2.1 driver for c1060 on vista 64bit. Got error “incompatible display adapter has been disable”. because it is not incompatilbe with the driver of the VGA dispaly adapter. My VGA adaptor is ATI.

What should I do? :">


Install an nvidia card as vista does not allow more than 1 gpu driver.