Test a public cloud-based portal for image-based OTA update

Hey Guys,

I would like to share a project: image-based OTA update to Jetson developer kits.
As you guys know that Jetpack 4.6 include tools for developing end-to-end image-based OTA via OTA payload package solution for Jetson TX2, Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier.
Since we have a few Dev Kits that we are currently using at our office, we decided to experiment on whether image-based OTA really works and furthermore if it can work by using our portal.
Here is what our Xavier NX developer kit setting looks like:

To start, we go to Nvidia website to download and prepare Base and Target image. And then we generated the OTA payload package that will be used for update.
After we successfully generated the OTA payload using the base and target image, we are ready to test if it can work from our company’s portal, Allxon DMS.
First we logged in our Allxon DMS account and upload the payload package onto Allxon DMS Applications. So the payload package on our portal looks like this:

We followed the portal’s prompts and selected the version to be used for update. Then we chose the group that we would like to update because portal allows you to update to multiple devices at the same time.

Then we go ahead and execute the update.

Theoretically, our portal should be able to push the update to our Xavier NX dev kit and the update would run automatically.
But just to be sure, we took a look at our Xavier NX to confirm the update process. We first saw the progress bar of Allxon DMS on dev kit and we waited for it to complete. And then we saw our device restart several times and the screen was empty for minutes at a time.

Then the dev kit’s monitor showed the system initialize process window. Supposedly the update is complete when this showed up on screen.

Finally we did the final confirmation by checking Nvidia Tegra release file on our dev kit. As you can see it’s Jetpack 4.6. So the update with Allxon’s portal is successful.

Our experiment proves that over the air image-based update from Allxon portal does work. And it’s very straight forward and easy to perform.

Thanks for reading. If you have any question about my project or you are interested to try for yourself, please leave a comment or contact us directly.