Texture issues with models downloaded from sketchfab

Hi, I have noticed that several models I have downloaded through the asset store come out looking quite different from how they look on the sketchfab website.

One example is this model: After the rain... - VR & Sound - Download Free 3D model by Aurélien Martel (@aurelien_martel) [a117738] - Sketchfab

This is how it looks on sketchfab:

This is how it looks on omniverse:

Are there some limitations that would cause this to happen that I should be aware of?

where did you grab the model, if you don’t mind me asking? if it’s from the Asset Store (beta) browser extension, you are likely getting a model with a lot of low resolution textures regardless of the lighting scenario. most texture assets in this USDZ file are either using 512x512 or 256x256 (maybe that’s what he was referring to in the asset description and how he used optimizilla to reduce textures). here’re the download options directly from Sketchfab for this asset in comparison:


looking at the source .blend file and .usdz file, there’s a large difference. for your convenience, i downloaded the source file with the original textures. building textures are 2k while it’s 512 in usdz, hence the huge drop in file size.

in terms of materials, there are also issues specifically with translucency/cutout materials such as leaves aside when it’s in OV.

lighting will need to be redone in OV to match better to Sketchfab preview; it’s likely a HDR that he used.

Thanks that was the issue

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