The root path of the example refers to the wrong path

I used the scene_blox in the 2022.1.0 version of the isaac tool to generate the warehouse scene in Figure 1. It can be found that some shelves in the warehouse scene are invisible. And when I retrieved omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2022.1/NVIDIA/Assets/ArchVis/Industrial/Racks/RackLarge_A2.usd, I found that the shelf referenced a non-existent path (omniverse://ov-content/Library/Assets/ArchVis/Industrial/Shelves/RackLargeEmpty_A2.usd)as shown in Figure 2
It has been determined that the problem is not caused by scene_blox.
But I want to know if this usd object’s path exception is a known bug or it’s caused by my inaccurate update. (Note my system is Ubuntu 20.04)

I tried loading the assets locally and to me the reference path seems to be correctly pointing to the local RackLargeEmpty_A2.usd

Would you be able to install a new nucleus instance and check if the asset is correct in the new install?

Hi @rgasoto ,
Thank you for answering my question.

After looking at your image, I searched for the reference path in the assets locally . Then I found two RackLargeEmpty_A2.usd.
Temporarily call these two RackLargeEmpty_A2.usd model1 and model2. In the picture I’ve attached, model1 seems to have the same path as you’ve shown, and the shelf is visible. model2 is the one referenced by scene_blox, the shelf is invisible.

From the reference path pointed to by model2 I think it’s more like the isaac sim is not installed correctly.

Thanks for confirming!
This issue should be resolved on the upcoming patch.

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