The user agreement and GDPR could not be downloaded

Hello! I have problem. The user agreement and GDPR could not be downloaded.
You may need to check your internet connection and restart the Launcher.
Try these links to find problems with the PROXY configuration.
I havent got PROXY and my internet connection is stable. How can I solve this problem?I have the latest version of the app installed. I am from Russia. I have a 3070ti and an i7-12400.
launcher.log (529.9 KB)

fix:I have disabled the windows firewall and antivirus but but the problem remained.

@artem.artamonovv i am just another user passing by, can you upload your latest OV Launcher log file for assessment? you can find it in the following directory:

  • Windows - %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log
  • Linux - ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log

from only what’s described, it could be due to antivirus/firewall/windows defender setting (often, it’s recommended to turn them all off temporarily during OV installation), but would need the log to dig into the source of the problem.

Ready. I have found 2 eror about no such file or directory, access ‘C:\Users\Artem.nvidia-omniverse\config\auth.toml’. Maybe, is the problem related to them?

I attached the file.

i see it! thanks for uploading it. per the log, it appears to be a 403 error, and my understanding is it means the server received the request but refuses to authorize the connection. you could try turning off your antivirus/firewall/windows defender off temporarily and see if it helps. otherwise, it could be the region of Russia you are in that is preventing you from making the connection properly. if you can mention the region, perhaps the mods/devs could confirm for you.

is it safe to assume you are getting the message before you were able to log in to OV Launcher, correct?

Yes. You are right.

I’ve solved the problem! I should have turned on the VPN.

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I am glad you have it working now