To compile c code with CUDA compiler

Somebody can explain me like compile a c file with cuda???
Step by step, please.

What kind compiler do you use ?
I know only some Visual Studio 2008 as Visual C ++ in 32 bit strong . I You have Windows Vista 64 bit Business .
Before You must install Service Pack 1 , next CUDA driver , CUDA toolkit , CUDA SDK , Visual Studio 2008 ( Visual C ++ ) , next wizard w 32 . If You have all You read all in help ( Visual Studio 2008 )and before start new project get w 32 configure how want , and go work . And get question to Visual Studio 2008 , and look in documentation .

the programming guide you’ll find at and in the “doc” folder of the cuda toolkit installation is a very good starting point.

What do I do in order run CUDA 64 bit ( wizard w64 ) in Visual Studio 2008 ( Visual C ++ ) ?

I have installed all but when i compile my project the compiler says:
“fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘cuda.h’: No such file or directory”
How must I do to set up the compiler???

install the cuda toolkit (if not already done) and add “C:\CUDA\include” (or wherever you installed it) to your include path.

I have Vista32 and VS2005, I’ve installed everything as supposed, and the wizard32 as well. when i run a dummy project I get the error in the attached image, I’m not sure how to solve this problem.
please help.

The error in the attached image means the dll file has to be in your working folder, I think.

Too early for CUDA, huh?

I have Vista Ultimate 64, Visual Studio 2008, Nvidia 8600GT on an Asus M’board and an Intel Qx9770 CPU. The system works perfectly !

I installed the VS2008, then the CUDA SDK and then the Wizard W64. The example that comes with the wizard compiled but wouldn’t run. I had to physically move 1 DLL into the System Directory. It was “cutil64D.dll” and then it worked. Perhaps there is another way, but I found that by experiment.

I then compiled C++ examples and they all ran…I then compiled CUDA examples from the SDK. These are already provided as compiled versions and run perfectly, but I wanted to see if I could duplicate them. They compiled perfectly …and ran !

As I am not a programmer I found these things by reading the forums and then experimenting. It took me 5 days from start to success.

I found that the 64 bit compiler option in VS2008 does not install by default and you either have to re-install and select that option, or install “ALL” at the beginning. Even then you have to “find” it by opening the Configuration Manager and select “new” and slide down to X64.

If you follow my example, you should be able to duplicate my efforts. Perhaps quicker than me, if you already know how to code. :thumbup: