Toggle visibility of static mesh


This issue seems to be independent of my other forum post hence the new post.

I’ve imported 2 of the same assets, just with a slightly different graph. One has a scope parenting the mesh, the other has the mesh being a direct child of the root.

The mesh “shape” and “guidegeo” both have their visibility in the USD file to be invisible.
In the one with the additional actor called “simproxy”, I’m able to toggle the visibility on and off in UE without issue. But if I toggle the visibility to show the geo of the static mesh on either “simproxy/shape” or “guidegeo”, it instantly gets set back to invisible.
But if I try to toggle the visibility of “geo” or"geo/shape", I’m able to do that and i don’t get overridden.

How can I view the mesh that is stated to be invisible in the USD, but have the option to view it in UE. I don’t seem to be able to find a button that allows this.
When running UE in debug mode, i can see that the moment I toggle the visibility of “simproxy/shape” or “guidegeo”, it checks the USD file for its visibility state, so this is being enforced by the plugin and not UE as I was able to toggle the visibility when loading the USD file direct.


The visibility of usd prim isn’t a simple On and Off. It’s called inherited and invisible, which means it has to check the parent prim to see if it can be visible.

Yes i can see these options within the USD stage window to change the visibility from invisible to inherit and vise versa. I’m able to edit the properties of the USD in this window.
But with Omniverse plugin representing the contents of the USD graph as Actors and StaticMeshActors, i don’t have the option to interact with the USD file whilst in UE. The only ability i seem to have is to toggle the “eye” icon in Outliner to hide and unhide layers. But if the layer had it’s visibility set to invisible in the USD file, then this is strictly enforced by the plugin to set the “eye” icon to hide despite me explicitly toggling it to unhide.
This behavior isn’t enforced if the layer had it’s visibility set to inherit. I understand when dragging and dropping the USD file into the scene that it builds the graph with the visibility setting in mind and setting it as such but should build it as default values instead of enforced behavior. Otherwise, why would it even bother loading the geometry into the scene in the first place as it will ALWAYS be hidden and it’s just extra geometry in memory.
That being said is there an option maybe I’ve missed that is presented in the plugin somewhere which would allow me to toggle this?