UE Omniverse USD class

I would like to modify the UV of the StaticMesh component of the Omniverse USD via Python Code in UE4.

I simply need to

  1. Unwrap UV with an Angle Threshold of 1.0

  2. Apply a material

import unreal

def log():
    shell_asset = unreal.load_asset('/Game/Omniverse/localhost/Users/helmreichmatthias/SendToView/Shell_Option_V2_210209_134655/Shell_Option_V2_210209_134655_project_usd.Shell_Option_V2_210209_134655_project')

   unreal.log("loading usd: shell_asset")    


The UE for Log prints the following information. But its unclear to me how to access the static mesh component of the Omniverse USD via python. Is there a API Docu on the OmniverseUSD? The regular USD api docu of pixar shows different attributes.

LogPython: <Object '/Game/Omniverse/localhost/Users/helmreichmatthias/SendToView/Shell_Option_V2_210209_134655/Shell_Option_V2_210209_134655_project_usd.Shell_Option_V2_210209_134655_project' (0x0000022FA6B93200) Class 'OmniverseUSD'>


Hello Matthias,
Thank you for the post, I will pass on your inquiry for review.
Thank you for your patience.

Matthias, the OmniverseUSD class is used loosely for listing and loading USD stages/files on an Omniverse Nucleus server. When it loads a stage, UE4 actors/assets are created as transient data. Up to this point we’ve used Editor Utility Blueprints to manipulate the actors in the stage with mixed success, but have not explored using Python.

Your question inspires me to investigate this and possibly provide more access to both Blueprint and Python to USD data. I think this will come as the plugin matures and really take off as we continue working with Epic to improve USD workflow within the editor.