USD actor offset when importing


I exported a USD from Houdini using the native exporter and not with Omniverse USD exporter.
So far the results have been fine when we import our assets into Isaac sim, mesh orientation, scale, and materials are all there.

When we drag and drop the asset into UE using the Omniverse plugin. The static mesh is a considerable distance away from the root actor and i can see that the actor that represents the “scope” within the USD file has transform values but unsure where this has come from.

Here are screenshots of the USD graph in Isaac and Houdini.


Image in UE where the asset was placed.

Where it ended up

The actor which represents the scope. As you can see it’s got transform values applied, when I click to reset to default value button, it sets the transform values to 0 and the asset is where it should be.

Exact same asset but with no scope parents and a direct child of the root and asset look to be in place.

Is there something I’m missing?


Thanks. That’s a bug. We’ll fix it in the next build

Seems only the first drag-and-drop caused the issue

Only the first one which has a graph “/table/geo/shape” (shape = mesh) where “geo” has the offset.

But the 2nd one which only has a graph “/table/geo” (geo = mesh), so it doesn’t have an additional parent where the transform offset can be applied as it’s a direct child of root.

This setup was repeated with other geo and had the same result.